About US

Big Water & Mold Restoration is a reputed company that works in more than ten countries providing water restoration and water damage repairs and mold removal and restorations services.

Over the last ten years, the demand for these three services have tremendously increased mainly due to the many cases of flooding especially along the coast due to global warming.

We have so far made tremendous moves to improve the company. One of the moves have being investing in modern equipment that allow us to actually work even during the night and in some of the harshest conditions. Some of the water damage projects that we have conducted had being turned down by most people due to their complexity.

The quality of the mold and water damage services is evaluated in more than ten different ways by our control panel. This ensures that we continue to dominate the industry and we do not have to spend thousands of hours on the same project doing the same thing multiple times.

Finally, we have the best of the best customer care personnel in the industry. They do work round the clock but we expect that you treat them with respect especially if you call when there are floods all over.

Get in touch to know the specific amount of money that you should expect to pay if you are coming to our premises for this or any other information related to the industry.